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[] COVER GIRL Shizuka Nakamura
Shizuka Nakamura
[] COVER GIRL Shizuka Nakamura (2011.11.24)
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Shizuka Nakamura is a gravure idol and actress. She is a Henshin Hottie from the 2009 Tomica Hero series, Tomica Hero Rescue Fire, wherein she plays as Tamami Sugiyama aka Tama-chan. She is also one of the lead in the 2008 action flick, The Masked Girl as Yumi Katagiri.
1 Response
  1. Jun Says:

    When you will have her newer photo book 中村靜香 寫真集 -HUG

    it's Shizuka first "more mature" photo book.

    it just got released two days can I say next week?

    love the site, hope to see more of Shizuka chan

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