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This page is dedicated for all the links to my friends' blogs which I frequently visit and read. These are the best places to know more about Japanese Entertainment or just anything random. Please do take your time in visiting them and have fun!

2 Old 4 Anime - Anime Blog by Father and Son
Anime Manga Encyclopedia - Character profiles, and news about anime
Arnold's Place - Tokusatsu and Disney Blog
Asian Chicki - Large Database for Asian Models
Asian Girls 88 - The Top sexy Asian Girls Blog
Asian Movie Pulse - Asian Movie Trailers and News
B-Mecha Hangar - Mecha Anime, Games and Toy Info for Mecha Fans
Business Advice Forum - Learn the Basics on Earning while Blogging
Calvin's Hub - Calvin's Personal Blog
Chess Sets - Chess Sets, Chess Boards, and Chess Computers
Dedicated to Black - Know everything Kamen Rider Black
Gideon Burogu - Tokusatsu Info, News and Toys Blog
Girl Games 1 - Flash Games for Girls
Gold Sushi - Tokusatsu Blog
Henshin Justice Unlimited - Largest Tokusatsu community
Idol Retouch - Asian Model Gallery
Igadevil's Kamen Rider Page - Kamen Rider Reviews by Igadevil
Insomiac Toy Reviews - Awesome English Toy Review Blog
JANime - Watch Anime for Free
JapanSugoi - Anything and Everything Japan
JappyDolls - Download the Latest Japanese Gravure Photosets
JJ's Japanese Idols - Japanese Gravure Idol Downloads
Kawaii Asian - Download Asian Gravure Photobooks
Kei-chan's Blog - Japanese music, Viral vids and other Japanese Stuff
Kyo Empty Space - Tokusatsu and Anime Direct Downloads
Magnetic Rose - Japanese Pop Culture for Filipino Fans
NgeeKhiong's Blog - Gundam and other Japanese Toy News
NihonGravure - Japanese Gravure Idol Blog
NihonTerebi Blog - Anything Related to Tokusatsu and Anime
Nippon Cinema - Japanese Movie News
Orends: Range - Tokusatsu and Philippine Anime News and Reviews
Otakultura - Just another Source for Otaku Goodies
Really Cute Asians - A photoblog dedicated for Asian Beauties
Sai's Anime Zone - Anything Anime
Sankaku Complex - Anime, Gravure and Weird Japanese News
ShukuenShinobi's Blog - Tokusatsu Toy Reviews
Taikutsu Blog - The topic goes around Japan, Anime and Tokusatsu
The_Emperor's Burogu - The Emperor's Randomness
Time Warner Cable -  Cable Internet, Digital Cable and Phone

Airplane Games ORG - Play Airplane Simulation and Combat Flash Games
Ragdoll Games - Ragdoll Fighting Games
Stickman Games -Play Xiao Xiao Games for Free
Transformers Games - Play Free Transformers Games

Gao Soul Forever! - Gaoranger Fansubs
Grown Ups In Spandex - Oldies Tokusatsu Fansubbing Group
Henshin OrganizatioN- Gosei Sentai Dairanger Fansubs
HiNoTori Fansubs - Tokusatsu Fansubbing Group
Midnight Crew Subs - Complete Kuuga Subs
SARS Fansubs - JDrama Fansubbing Group
SCS Works - Kamen Rider Kuuga Fansubs
SgtKira Productions - Tokusatsu Fansubs
Skewed Studios Fansubs - Anime, Jdrama and Tokusatsu Fansubs
Supernova Fansubs - Oldies Super Sentai Fansubs
TimeLesS Subs - JDrama Fansubbing Group
TV-Nihon Fansubs - Yearly Kamen Rider and Super Sentai Fansubs

CDJapan - Best place to order Japanese CDs, DVDs, and collectibles
CSToys International - Tokusatsu Toy Store located in Japan
Great Toys Online - Hobby Store located in the Philippines
Hobby Link Japan - Japanese Hobby Store
OkinawamToySeller - Oki's Middleman Service for Sale/Pre-order
Play - Online Asian CDs, DVDs, and Game Store
riderproxy's Middleman Service - Toku/Sentai stuff, etc from Japan
Wholesale Toys - Wholesale and Dropship RC Toys
Yokatta Web Shopping - EX_Japan Middleman Service

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