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DaiMajin Kanon Gets Subbed
DaiMajin Kanon Subbed
At last, one of the biggest tokusatsu/Jdrama fansub project from two fansubbing group who have brought as good quality tokusatsu and Jdrama subs, is finally released! DaiMajin Kanon is a joint fansubbing project between Skewed Studios and TV-Nihon fansubs.

The joint project is divided into two: Timing, Translation, Typesetting, Splashes (first one is done by yours truly) and half encoding are handled by Skewed Staff while the QC, other half of encoding and distribution are handled by TV-Nihon staff.

Forty-four years ago DaiMajin was the hero of the baby boom generation and today many people still know that giant statue. The originally trilogy was set during the Warring States period of Japan. DaiMajin is a giant statue of a god of war that comes to life when a prayer is sung and punishes the villians. The transformation from the gentle expression of the idol to that of a vengeful feudal warrior was all the craze among children in the 1960s. Nowadays you can still find DaiMajin on pachinko machines and stuff like that.

Since this is a remake of the original DaiMajin series, this new series will play out in a modern era full of bad people. This time the heroine will be a college student called Kanon who keeps on singing prayers that will awaken the giant god of war.

So what are you waiting for?! Get your dose of DaiMajin Kanon by visiting this link.
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