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TV-Nihon Releases Kamen Rider W FOREVER!
Kamen Rider W FOREVER: AtoZ/Gaia Memories of Fate
TV-Nihon, one of the premier fansubbing group, finally releases Kamen Rider W FOREVER: AtoZ/Gaia Memories of Fate in both DVD and Blu-ray formats! Not just that, they also released subbed versions of the W Net Movies and the theme "W" sung by Mitsuru Matsuoka.

Kamen Rider W FOREVER Synopsis:
Set between Kamen Rider W episodes 44 and 45, the film focuses on the invasion of Futo by the Special Mercenary Force "NEVER" led by a man named Katsumi Daido. NEVER has discovered the existence of Foundation X's T2 Gaia Memories — 26 next-generation Gaia Memories created by Foundation X based on the Gaia Memories used by the Kamen Riders.

Kamen Rider Joker vs Eternal
After he steals the Eternal Memory, Daido leads NEVER, his top six members using T2 Gaia Memories to assume Dopant forms, in an assault on the city to gather the remaining T2 Gaia Memories scattered across the city. Assisted by Interpol investigator Maria S. Cranberry, Shotaro's investigation into NEVER leads to Philip being captured by the terrorist group in Futo's darkest moment as Futo's Kamen Riders prepare for a final battle.

Download Kamen Rider W FOREVER at TV-Nihon!
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15 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    I thought this was released back in December....

  2. GekiDan Says:

    Nope. The DVD/BD was just released last February.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, but I already watched W-Time's/Over-Time's release almost three months ago. You should check out their subs for W, OOO, and Gokaiger. They release a lot quicker than TV-Nihon, and their subtitles are free of untranslated Japanese words, not to mention they're not as awkwardly worded.

  4. Jyger85 Says:

    Hell, it's about time. lol

  5. Charles Says:

    Dear Anonymous, please don't troll. It's fine if you don't like TV Nihon's subs but understand people other than you like their subs (and if you're just going to troll, don't sign in as anonymous). You don't see us bashing Over-Time for use of "Bro-to" (fine for a dub, awkward for a sub) for example.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Over-Time superior. TV-N inferior.

  7. Monkeyman Says:


    I've never watched anything subbed by Over-Time, so I'm not quite sure about what "Bro-to" might mean. Would you mind giving me a bit of context as to how that's used in their subs? I'm just curious. Thanks.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    First Anonymous poster here, that second comment wasn't by me. Sorry if I came across as trying to troll earlier, that wasn't my intention. I probably could have worded that earlier comment better.

  9. Anonymous Says:


    It's used in the context of Date being familiar with Gotou. Like one would call someone named Joseph, Broseph. So everytime Date says Gotou-chan. It's the equivalent of saying Broseph.

  10. Anonymous Says:


    "Brotou" is what Over-Time decided to sub Date calling Gotou "Gotou-chan" as. I haven't seen any of OOO yet, but from what I've seen viewers on /m/ say Brotou gets across the same connotation that the -chan suffix does.

    Like I said, TV-Nihon is at one extreme when it comes to subbing, Over-Time is at the other. And different people have different preferences, like different things, etc.

  11. Charles Says:

    Anonymous 1: no problem, nothing offensive w/ your question. Anonymous post 3 and 6 are trolling.

  12. GokaiYellow Says:

    It's trolling just because they express an opinion contrary to yours? You can very well see why some would dislike TV-N a lot, considering how... debatable the latter's methods in fansubbing are.

    Over-Time is not at extremes. They don't overtranslate. You don't see them making Kamen Rider into Masked Rider, translating combo names in OOO or translating Gokaiger as Heroic Rangers. But you don't see them pulling proper noun on every word they find "sounding cool" or "impossible to translate" either.

    TV-N: weeaboo with dumb special effects
    Most other groups: balanced translation in readable typesetting

    Not to mention that the post we're commenting on ("available only through tv-n!") is a blatant biased lie.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    ^Because the post is intended for TVN subs?

  14. Charles Says:

    The site plugs both TVN and Over-Time releases. Point of the post is to draw attention to this particular TVN subs. We didn't post criticisms when GekiDan plugged the Over-Time release. It's the subject matter of the post. I don't think this is the place to spill vitriol. The debate of the strengths and weaknesses of each fansubber can be taken to their respective website and forums (like Henshin Justice). It would be acceptable in this blog if GekiDan had a post asking such an open question like "which subs do you prefer" or something similar but saying "Over-Time subs are better" in a TVN blog entry is just as pointless as saying ""TVN are better " in an Over-Time entry. You can probably mention weaknesses/strengths of the TVN sub as at least that stays on topic but veering it in the direction of Over-Time is pointless zealotry.

  15. Shelly Says:

    Sorry, but Tv-Nihon' subs are far better.
    I always watched their subs and I will always do!

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