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GUIZS Releases Zebraman 2 Subbed
Zebraman 2
G.U.I.Z.S., or Grown Up in Zebra Stripes had recently released Zebraman 2: Attack On Zebra City. Acting as a sequel to the 2004 Zebraman movie, it features Show Aikawa reprising his leading role from the original, and also stars Riisa Naka and Masahiro Inoue.

By 2025, fifteen years after the events of Zebraman, Tokyo has renamed itself Zebra City, and has instituted a "Zebra Time" starting at 5:00 AM/PM for 5 minutes in which the government allows the Zebra Police to attack any and all presumed criminals. One Zebra Time results in the attempted murder of Shinichi Ichikawa, also known as Zebraman.

Surviving the attack but having lost his memories, he must team up with television's fake Zebraman and a young protege to save a mysterious little girl from Zebra Queen and her Zebra Police, and then the world from Zebra Queen's ultimate plan to use the strange aliens from 2010 to bring Zebra Time to the whole world.

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