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Detroit Metal City Live Action Movie - OST
Detroit Metal City | DMC Members:
Johannes Krauser II (Vocals and Guitars)
Alexander Jagi (Bass Guitar)
Camus (Drums)

This download is for those who have already seen the live-action movie/anime (and those who want to see it) and want to listen to more Detroit Metal City (DMC) songs like Satsugai (Murder) and many others.

Detroit Metal City album cover movie
1. Satsugai
2. Slash Killer
3. Grotesque
4. Mesu Buta Koukyoukyoku (Female Pig Symphony)
5. Death Penis
6. Ano Ko wo Rape (Rape that Girl)
7. Mad Monster
8. Urami Harasade Okubekika (Should this Revenge Be Taken)
9. Maou (Satan)
10. Fucking Gum Kyuden (Fucking Gum Palace)

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