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[SkewedS] Oneechanbara VorteX
[SkewedS] Oneechanbara Vortex
Skewed Studios Fansubs just released Oneechanbara Vortex, the second live-action adaptation of the Oneechanbara video games series.

The genre and story remains the same, hack and slash zombies but this time, this sequel movie did not use the characters from the first movie. The main character Aya is played by Tejima Yuu along with Kawamura Rika, Arakawa Chika, Ozawa Akari, and Imura Kumi. Though this movie is the sequel, the scoop has no juncture from the first one apart from being propped from the aforementioned series. One could say this movie has an unrelated title.

Fansubbing Credits:
Raw, Timing, Encoding - Azazel
Translation - zeldAIS
Editing - Draiken_Talkos
Typesetting, Splash - GekiDan
Karaoke SFX - jonty
QC - SacredCultivator, Draiken_Talkos, Triple_M

We hope you enjoy this release, and remember to grab the first movie on DVD, you'll enjoy it as well.

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