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[SkewedS] Rookies -Sotsugyou-
[SkewedS] Rookies -Sotsugyou- Subbed
The Rookies -Sotsugyou- movie that lots and lots and lots of people have been asking from us is now finally released with English Subs! XD

The manga series from the aspiring mangaka in Bakuman came a long way to the small screen now to the big screen finale. This finale movie also topped the box office in Japan last year. Who would have thought that the series and movie would be this big when I, zeldAIS, was only concerned about a month before the broadcast of the series that no group was willing to sub it (Can't be blamed - not much common ikemens most girls want to sub)

On a side note, I, zeldAIS, would really buy the BluRay box of the JDrama series and the movie so expect 1080 resolution releases from us at SkewedS Subs-Scans in the future (as really, as I rewatched the series, since it was really rushed, there are tons of errors and whatnot I personally want to fix - so most likely do it entirely from scratch).

Anyway, have fun with this movie and be sure to have tissues with you while watching it as Shirota Yuu/Shinjou said in the CM - "Even if you watch it countless times, you'll cry."

"Flutter towards your dreams! Glitter into tomorrow!"

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  1. I heard about the rookies before but never found the subbed version (I'm not one to watch and misunderstand), and here it is, thanks!

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