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[SkewedS] Yumi Sugimoto - Harukoi PV
[SkewedS] Yumi Sugimoto - Harukoi PV
Engine Sentai Go-onger's Miu Suto/Go-onSilver debuted as a singer last February with the release of her "Harukoi (Spring Love)" Single. Yumi Sugimoto was the one who have written the song's lyrics herself. But as we all knew, this is not the first song that she sung since she already sung the "G3 Princess Rap" and "Yume no Tsubasa (Dream Wings)" while Go-onger is still running.

We at the SkewedS staff decided to make a karaoke of the song's PV, and I, GekiDan, was the one who is in-charge of it. This will be my second karaoke (after Giant Xmas). Hope you liked it!

Download it HERE!
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