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[SkewedS] Juukou B-Fighter Manga
[SkewedS] Juukou B-Figther Manga
What is Skewed Studios Fansubs and Scanlations without any scanlation projects right? And now, we present to you SkewedS' first scanlation project: Juukou/Heavy Shell B-Fighter!

Based from the Metal Hero series of the same title, let's follow the adventures of our heroes from Earth Academia: Takuya, Daisaku and Rei as Blue Beet, G-Stag and Reddle as they protect the world from the beings from another dimension, the Jamahl Empire.

Synopsis/Plot (Wikipedia)
All insects of the world all swarm for unknown reasons, with other animals and plants acting strange as well. To investigate this, Takuya Kai is dispatched with an Earth Academia group. Going on his own, Takuya finds Guru who reveals that insects are preparing for battle against invaders from another dimension. Offering their aid, the Earth Academia create suits of armor to combat the threat as the Jamahl arrive to Earth to capture humans as their slaves. Though they have trouble perfecting the Bio-Machinery, Guru arrives to infuse the armor with the life force of many insects. Once the suits become the B-Commanders, one chooses Takuya while the other two bond to Daisaku Katagiri and Rei Hayama. With their new-found power, the B-Fighters fight to drive back Jamahl's forces.

Original Work: Yasude Saburou
Manga: Moo. Nenpei

Download Juukou B-Fighter Chapter 1: Insect Warriors here!
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