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Hi no Tori Releases Juukou B-Fighter
Juukou B-Fighter
After releasing Robot Detective and Choudenshi Bioman, Hi no Tori Fansubs just released another Metal Hero series that rarely seen get subbed. Juukou B-Fighter is the 14th Metal Hero series that aired back in 1995.

Juukou B-Fighter follows the story of our heroes from Earth Academia: Takuya, Daisaku and Rei as Blue Beet, G-Stag and Reddle as they protect the world from the beings from another dimension, the Jamahl Empire.

Download Juukou B-Fighter Episode 1: Insect Warriors subbed at Hi no Tori Fansubs!
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Kinda Remind me off Beetleborgs :3

  2. V Says:

    FYI, it's the source material FOR Beetleborgs, just as the sequel series provided the source material for Beetleborgs Metallix

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