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Mazinkaiser SKL Episode 1 Subbed
Mazinkaiser SKL Wallpaper
The Super Robot series is now back with the release of Mazinkaizer SKL. It is the 11th Mazinger series created by Go Nagai. And now subbed by SKL Magnum.

Mazinkaiser SKL Story:
The WSO has learned that the Gravity Curtain has reached an unstable status and will explode within 66 hours, destroying all of Earth and human life itself. Each of the three factions controls a part of the mechanism responsible for the Gravity Curtain. Knowing the danger of disabling the Gravity Curtain and combating the three factions, the WSO decides to send the Skull Force. The Skull Force is divided into two squadrons - one of which is the 2 member-only Death Caprice Squad, comprised of Ken Kaido and Ryo Magami, pilots of the Mazinger named MazinKaizer SKL...

Download Mazinkaiser SKL Episode 1 via torrent
Download Mazinkaiser SKL Episode 1 via Fileserve

*Fileserve link courtesy of Kenzo Kabuto of HJU
2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Orgasmic~! thanks a lot!

  2. NeoDarkF Says:

    Interesting to see the image of my work ^^

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