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Atsui zo! Nekogaya
Want to go into a school full of sexy bikini babes? That's the theme of Atsui zo! Nekogaya, a drama series based on a manga written by Katsu Aki of the same name. It stars Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger heroine Yui Koike.

Atsui zo! Nekogaya (We're Hot! Valley Cats) is 10 episode romantic comedy series, set in a private girl's school who decided that the tyranny of summer heat shall not hold them. That decision led to a rule that all the girls shall wear bikinis. Then, a transfer student, the only one in normal clothes, comes in and thinks everyone is crazy!

Atsui zo! Nekogaya casts is led by Yui Koike as Oshino Ikumi, Koto Takagi as Bookmark Alternative Tagawa, and Mio Otani as Marisa Endou. Supporting cast includes Hinata Aizumi, Shimizu Fumika, Aika, Uki Satake, Yua Shinkawa, Rei Kawashima, Haruka Tachibana, The Vanity Fair Trio (Kiya Yumika, Ito Reiko, Haruna Aikawa), Yoshikawa Masahiro as Itou Naoto and Yukie Kawamura as Shirota Ayumi the Nurse.

Atsui zo! Nekogaya
I stumbled upon this one recently while doing a video search on Yui Koike which leads me to researching more about Atsui zo! Nekogaya. So far, only six episodes of it are out and all are still not subbed. You can check them at JPHiP or AsiaTorrents.

So, would you like go into a school full of sexy bikini babes? ♥
5 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    No perverts allowed.
    "All Girls School"

  2. Mugen Says:

    That sounds rather distracting...but then again, it is an "All Girls School", so it should work.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    oh man i want to watch it but it's not subbed. weakness

  4. GekiDan Says:

    You can still watch it and get most of the idea on it through their actions. :)

  5. ryuuseisword Says:

    How about the professor???

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