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MCS Releases Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger!

It's been a while since SkewedS released a new subbed episode of the 27th Super Sentai Series, Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger and just recently, Midnight Crew Subs has just released the show's 9th and 10th episode!

The series is about 65,000,000 years ago, a meteorite crashed on Earth split Earth into two worlds: Dino Earth, a world that dinosaurs and humans co-exist and Another Earth, the Earth which we belong. Overtime, the Ryujins and Bakuryuus races came into being on Dino Earth but were at war with the Evolians, entities that emerged from the meteor.

The two Earths are separate until Asuka, a Ryujin from Dino Earth, arrives on Earth via a transdimensional portal. However, he is followed by the Evolians in their Anamolicarus spaceship and the three Bakuryuus under their control. As the Bakuryuus Tyrannosaurus, Ptreranodon, and Triceratops attack Tokyo, a call is sent out to three destined ones who possesses Dino Guts to gain the powers to tame the three beasts. Together with their Bakuryuu partners, the three become Abarangers to protect their dimension from the Evolians.

Based on their previous jobs, it seems that they will continue on subbing the said series. As for those fans who can't wait for their release of Kamen Rider Stronger, don't fret since it is said that they will release it on the same pace that they had on releasing Kamen Rider Kuuga this June 11! Abaranger is the group's first Super Sentai project.

To those who missed episodes 1-8, you can check SkewedS' release in this link.

9. Awaken!! Abare Survivor AVI | Script
10. Abare Leaguer Bind AVI | Script

Episode ten was gag dubbed in one episode of Power Rangers Dino Thunder called, Lost and Found in Translation.
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