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Over-Time Releases Kamen Rider Eternal Returns!

The fine folks from Over-Time has just released the second part of the Kamen Rider W RETURNS V-Cinema series, Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal!

Acting as a sequel, and prequel to Kamen Rider W FOREVER film, Kamen Rider W RETURNS: Kamen Rider Eternal shows Kamen Rider W, still fighting against the remaining Dopants. Suddenly a woman holding psychic powers appears. Her name is Mina (played by Rin Takanashi). She has come to Futo in order to avenge Katsumi Daido's defeat.

According to Mina, "Katsumi was going to save us from hell." To her, Katsumi Daido was everyone's hero. She then tells the story of Katsumi Daido's heroic past, which leads to the formation of NEVER and Kamen Rider Eternal.

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