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Music Japan Sports Day
Music Japan Sports Day
A ≈16 Minute show of Music Japan sports day activity where Japanese band/groups took part in the MC segment of the show. And the event are as follows:

Music Japan Navigators: 青井実 (Aoi Makoto) and 関根麻里 (Sekine Mari)
Participants: AKB48, jealkb, SCANDAL, and Smileage
Guests: Perfume (Ōmoto Ayano, Kashino Yuka, and Nishiwaki Ayaka)

1st Game: たまいれ (Tamaire) - Ball Toss Game
2nd Game: 四人五脚 (Yonnin Gokyaku) - 4 Man 5 Legged Race
3rd Game: パン食い競争 (Pan Kui Kyousou) - Bread Eating (Biting) Contest

Music Japan sports day
Size: ≈458MB AVI
Download via Megaupload
*Upload credits to TheUltimateIdols*

Links: Music Japan
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