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[SkewedS] Video Girl Ai Live Action Movie
[SkewedS] Video Girl Ai Live Action Movie
One of the coolest fansubber around, Skewed Studios Fansubs and Scanlations, just turned a year older now! As a celebration for their 4th Anniversary, the fansub group releases Video Girl Ai live action movie.

Video Girl Ai Live Action MovieSo what's Video Girl Ai? Actually, it's one of the manga series from Katsura Masakazu whose mangas were one of the first scanlations that was available during the very early age of scanlations (back in dial up and you probably can read more about scanlation history here at InsideScanlation).

Video Girl Ai is about Moteuchi Youta. He just recently became very sad after he found out the girl he likes is in love with his best friend. Going home broken hearted, he suddenly noticed a new video rental store named Gokuraku (Paradise in English). It is said that only people with pure heart can see that video rental store. In there he rented a VHS idol video of Amano Ai. As he went home and watched the VHS he rented, to his surprise, the girl in the video came to life - but because his VHS player just recently got mental, there are some things that he didn't expected with the personality of Ai.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for this news <33 i love Video Girl Ai ;w;

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