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Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Featured on Japanese TV Special
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
On a special edition of TV-Asahi's Onegai! Ranking Special in which they talked about the 40 years of the Kamen Rider franchise which viewers requested such as Ultraman vs. Kamen Rider and Riders without henshin poses, one of the topics talked about is Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight!

In the clip, they talked about how Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight being a "proper American Kamen Rider production" and talked about its budget during its opening. Too bad that the later subtitles found in this special writes "Dragon Knight" as "Doragon Knight."

To those interested to see the entire special in its RAW form, you can download the entire special here, if you don't mind the low quality: DOWNLOAD
3 Responses
  1. DJ Says:

    How awesome would it be if for a new Decade movie they brought Lunsford in as Dragon Knight?

  2. Shad Says:

    If only the US could produce other Kamen Rider series of that quality; Dragon Knight was so awesome.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Yeah, just no 4Kids next time. I don't want Kamen Rider to have to suffer because of companies that suck as much as they do.

    By the way, what ever happened to the movie that the Japanese were apparently commissioning to be made by the English Dragon Knight crew? I was really hoping that'd actually happen...

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