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GUIS Releases Ultraman Retsuden
Ultraman Retsuden
As promised, Grown Ups in Spandex or GUIS recently releases the first episode of Tsuburaya's latest presentation for Ultraman fans, Ultraman Retsuden. This marks Ultraman's 45th year anniversary.

Ultraman Retsuden stars Ultraman Zero, the new Ultra Hero, as the navigator of this show. He'll take you through the 45 years history of Ultraman. It will be a special compilation of the various Ultra Heroes and monsters.

Heisei-verse Ultra Heroes will guest star in "Retsuden" namely Hiroshi Nagano aka Ultraman Tiga, Takeshi Tsuruno aka Ultraman Dyna, Takeshi Yoshioka aka Ultraman Gaia, and Taiyo Sugiura aka Ultraman Cosmos. More is said to come in succeeding episodes.

Download Ultraman Retsuden Episode 1:
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