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Use a Free Youtube Downloader

When it comes to saving files and videos from the Internet you may face problems. Usually people are not ready to save videos from youtube because they lack the necessary software and necessary tools. For sure, they can go to the software developers and buy youtube downloaders from them.

They will pay for the program and then, believe me, they will definitely pay a concrete sum for the updates and improvements. Do you need that? Definitely not!

You can just visit and download a free version of YoutubeClipExtractor - the program that assists you in downloading videos from youtube and, what is more, converting them to the formats that can be read at any devices possible!

The time has come to say no to the all shareware programs that limit yourself in downloading videos online. YoutubeClipExtractor also has a shareware version but you will need this only in case you need additional features like Ringtone maker and so on. Basic functions like download from youtube and convert youtube videos are free!
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3 Responses
  1. krsentai Says:

    Free Studio works great as well. It includes converters, youtube downloaders, some of which convert directly to the format you so choose. It also comes with some really great other features as well.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I prefer Jdownloader or the Freemake Video Downloader.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    ssyoutube .com works equally well too, and normally lets you download in the resolution/filetype of your choice(.e.g, 720p mp4, or 320 flv).

    simply add "ss" to the URL and it should take you straight there and try to process the video, no software required.

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